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Aurifil Grey
Sku #: Aurifil Grey
Lint Free. Only thread for piecing. Beautiful staple

Price: $13.99 

Bendable Bright Light
Sku #: Bendable Bright Light
Comes with a mounting kit to attach it to your sewing machine or other objects.

Price: $49.99 

Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors
Sku #: Perfect Scissors
The handles are very comfortable and it comes with a protective plastic cover.

Price: $28.99 

Natural Fit Thimble by Clover
Sku #: Natural Fit Thimble
There are no seams or stitches allowing the needle to be pushed from any angle.

Select Thimble

Price: $13.99 


Patchwork Pins by Clover
Sku #: Patchwork Pins
These extra-fine pins pass smoothly through fabric

Price: $8.99 

Pressure Sensitive Rotary Cutter by Omnigrid
Sku #: Pressure Sensitive Rotary Cutter
This rotary cutter is durable, lightweight and has great safety features.

Price: $18.99 

The Sensational Sip & Snip
Sku #: The Sensational Sip & Snip
Attaches easily to most desks or tabletops with its sturdy rust-proof metal frame and protective rubber sleeved clamp.

Price: $25.99 

TrueGrips by TrueCut
Sku #: TrueGrips
For straight, precise cuts, enhance your ruler by adding non-slip TrueGrips

Price: $7.99 

Wonder Clips by Clover
Sku #: Wonder Clips
Wonder Clip are an excellent tool for quilt binding.

Price: $7.99